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RM 135.00 (WM) RM 148.50 (EM)
Quantity: 50mL

D01 - in the direction of Thierry Mugler’s ‘Angel’ (Recommended)
Woody Oriental – blueberry, tangerine, rose, vanilla, chocolate

D02 - in the direction of to Chanel’s ‘Coco Mademoiselle’
Woody Oriental – orange, jasmine, rose, patchouli, vanilla

D03 - in the direction of to Christian Dior’s ‘Hypnotic Poison’
Woody Oriental – vanilla, aniseed, lilac, sandalwood, tuberose

D04 - in the direction of Christian Dior’s ‘J’Adore’ (Recommended)
Floral – champaca flower, mandarin, blackberry, orchid, rose

D05 - in the direction of Giorgio Armani’s ‘Sensi’
Floriental – bergamot, gardenia, carnation, balsamic, vanilla

D06 - in the direction of YSL’s ‘Young Sexy Lovely’ (Recommended)
Floral – mandarin, magnolia, freesia, musk, juicy peach

D07 - in the direction of Givenchy’s Hot Couture’
Woody Oriental – raspberry, geranium, pepper, ylang ylang

D08 - in the direction of to Gucci’s ‘Rush’
Woody Oriental – pineapple, geranium, freesia, vanilla

D09 - in the direction of Hugo Boss ‘Hugo Woman (Recommended)
Floral – maritime, jasmine, iris, rose, amber, vanilla

D10 - in the direction of Gucci ‘Gucci II’
Floriental – orange blossom, iris, thyme, vanilla, musk

D11 - in the direction of ‘Joop!’
Woody Oriental – candied fruit, petitgrain, orange blossom

D12 - in the direction of Lancome’s ‘Miracle’
Floral – lychee, freesia, magnolia, jasmine, amber

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RM 144.00 (WM) RM158.40 (EM)
Quantity: 50mL

The Le Rêve Classic range comprises parfums inspired by iconic designer fragrances that 
have become 'perfume legends'. Matching layering products delicately pamper the skin and enhance the pleasure of the fragrance leaving a long-lasting impression.

C01 - in the direction of YSLs ‘Opium’
Soft Oriental – bergamot, myrrh, patchouli, rockrose, opopanax

C02 - in the direction of Christian Dior’s ‘Poison’ (Recommended)
Floriental – lemon, rose, basil, ylang ylang, vanilla, cedarwood

C03 - in the direction of Giorgio Beverly Hills ‘Poison’ (Recommended)
Floral – gardenia, coco, jasmine, neroli, rose

C04 - in the direction of Chanel ‘Chanel No.5’
Soft Floral – aldehydes, may rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang

C05 - in the direction of Estée Lauder’s ‘Beautiful’ (Recommended)
Floral – peach, coco, jasmine, carnation, rose, sandalwood

C06 - in the direction of YSL’s ‘Paris’ (Recommended)
Floral – violet, rose, iris, carnation, cedarwood

C07 - in the direction of Issey Miyake’s ‘L’Eau D’Issey’ (Recommended) NEW!!
Water - freesia, lotus blossom, rose water,carnation,lily,amber


RM155.00 (WM) RM170.50 (EM)
Quantity: 100mL

The Le Rêve range For Men expresses the essence of the modern man with a comprehensive collection of parfums created in the direction of top designer fragrances. Complimenting aromatic products packaged with sleek metal and black styling, care for the skin and adorn the wearer with style and magnetism.

M01 - in the direction of Giorgio Armani’s ‘Acqua Di Gio’ (Recommended)

M02 - in the direction of Giorgio Armani’s ‘Armani Code’ (Recommended)
Woody Oriental - bergamot, lemon,olive flower, guaiac wood, tonka bean

M03 - in the direction of Hugo ‘Hugo For Men’ (Recommended)
Aromatic Fougére – grapefruit, cardamom, jasmine,sandalwood, tree moss

M04 - in the direction of Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘Tommy Boy’
Aromatic Fougére – bluegrass, cranberry, nutmeg,green apple, spearmint

M05 - in the direction of Davidoff ‘Cool Water’
Aromatic Fougére – lemon, lime, cumin, petitgrain,peppermint, sandalwood

M06 - in the direction of Joop ‘Joop Homme’
Woody Oriental – mandarin, lime, jasmine, balsamic,vanilla, musk

M07 - in the direction of Dunhill ‘Desire For A Man’
Woody Oriental – bergamot, lemon, coriander, jasmine,rose, patchouli

M08 - in the direction of Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’ (Recommended) NEW!!
Oriental - grapefruit,mint, orange blossom, cardamonm,cedarwood, amber

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 RM 124.00 (WM)  RM 136.40 (EM)
Quantity: 50mL

The Le Rêve Celebrity range captures all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet with a comprehensive collection of parfums inspired by celebrity endorsed fragrances. A small range of matching layering products pamper the skin and enhance the pleasure of the fragrance leaving a long-lasting impression.

Choose your favourite celebrity fragrance below:

Y01 - in the direction of Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Lovely' (Recommended)

Y02 - in the direction of Mariah Carey's 'M'

Y03 - in the direction of Britney Spears 'Believe' (Recommended)

Y04 - in the direction of 'Christina Aguilera' (Recommended)

Y05 - in the direction of Jennifer Lopez 'Glow After Dark'

Y06 - in the direction of Hilary Duff's 'With Love' (Recommended)

Y07 - in the direction of Beckham 'Intimately Beckham Night'

Y08 - in the direction of Gwen Stefani's 'L'

Y09 - in the direction of Paris Hilton's 'Can Can' (Recommended)

Y10 - in the direction of Kylie Minogue's 'Darling' (Recommended)

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